Our goal for the remainder of 2019 is to find sponsors for Rescue Horse Crystal and BLM Mustang Ella.


Donations will go towards the care of these horses over the winter to continue their dressage training and service as therapy horses. Please use the PayPal button on this page or contact us if you are able to make a donation! Thank you for your support and any contributions to help us continue building this amazing program!


A big thank you to all of our latest supporters! With your help, we have been able to advertise for our fundraiser, pay administrative costs, supply hay for our mustangs and have beautiful art ready for the silent auction on Oct. 5th.


Judith Sherwood


Shallon Hinter


Mark Heinle


Jeff and Kim Cuthbertson


Mary Hone


Triple Take Arena


406 Woman Magazine


Melinda Dyer








Mission Statement

To assist horses and humans in achieving freedom through rescue, rehoming and healing.

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